5 reasons why you need a wedding photographer


Let’s get this straight out of the way – weddings are expensive as hell. And, unless you are the royal family member, you may be looking for ways to save money. Because as soon as you reveal you are preparing for a wedding, every vendor’s fees shoot up by 150%.

Weddings ARE expensive and there are a lot of what you can cut, including as videographer (sorry, friends) but a photographer should not be it.

Believe it or not, but I am not saying that as a photographer. I’m talking as someone who regrets they didn’t hire one for theirs.

Cousin has a decent DSLR

You don’t need a photographer because your cousin/uncle/friend has a camera. Guess what, everybody’s got a camera in their pockets nowadays. Often as good as most mid-range DSLRs. That’s not the problem.

Command is. Vision is. Can you imagine what it feels like trying to put 50 tipsy guests in a wedding picture?

Exactly. A photographer is not there to only take pretty pictures. He or she is there to help you manage the wedding efficiently.

Do You Want Your Peace of mind

If you are considering anyone doing the photography of your wedding, consider the experience factor. Someone who knows how it’s done is one thing while if you have to rely on someone who doesn’t have the experience, you can’t know if there will be wedding pictures at all.

One day. No second shots.

If the debate is not between a friend and a professional, but not hiring a photographer at all, you have to remember that there are no repeats. This is one day that you either get to carry in your memory and have a ton of beautiful pictures to show.

photographyFast and Cheap

Let’s say the money’s really tight right now, so you decide to get a professional photoshoot sometime in the future. In that case, I want to encourage you to get an hour of professional’s services – you’ll save money and will still have some picture from your wedding (not to insult your friend’s iPhone photography skills).

Cheaper than a Planner

Here’s a secret, as a wedding photographer I have done so much as a wedding planner. It’s fine – I’m here to help. And while wedding planners are expensive, photographers have been to a thousand of weddings and also know a thing or two about organization. You can always ask for advice.